Eczema is a skin disorder which sees the affected areas become scaly and itchy, leading to extremely sore skin that cracks frequently. Allergies are very often at least partly to blame for this condition and you should consult a nutritionist to perform an allergy test to identify whether this is the case for you.

Nutritional therapy can treat eczema very successfully. You will need to follow a healthy, balanced diet and will see the best results by following a vegan diet. You will need to limit your intake of saturated fat and should eat seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, flax) or their cold pressed oils for their essential fatty acids. You should drink plenty of water to cleanse the body, and should avoid stimulants such as coffee, tea, chocolate, spices and alcohol.

Supplements will be very important in allowing your body to return to good health. You should consult a nutritionist to devise a supplement programme tailored specifically to your needs, but in the meantime your supplement programme should be made up as follows:

— 2 x multivitamin and mineral daily – several vitamins and minerals will be helpful, including Vitamins A and C which will strengthen the skin. Vitamin E and zinc will assist the healing process. Supplementing individual vitamins and minerals is not advised.

— 2 x antioxidant – these will protect from free-radical damage and reduce inflammation

— 2 x essential fatty acids – these will boost the immune system and reduce inflammation

If you have no open wounds, you may also like to use a Vitamin E oil to help heal the skin.

The early humans ate season fare and what was known as natures bounty. There are several areas around the Earth where the people live well past 100 years they have key dietary differences from our modern diet. The Okinawa seniors live the healthiest and longest of any other group on Earth. The quest to live healthy and increase the lifespan has been an old quest going back as long as people can remember. The people who live the longest tend to eat simple diets filled with grains, legumes, vegetables and natural meats. Processed sugar is not on the menu along with the usual modern canned and packaged foods. It is also noted that they do not consume processed meats.

There are several foods you may include into your diet to increase your lifespan such as nuts, oatmeal, spinach, blueberries, sweet potatoes, yogurt, whole grains, red grapes and tomatoes. Include foods into your diet that contain anti aging antioxidants these include red grapes, mulberries, blue berries, peanuts, dark chocolate and cocoa powder for extra benefits. To lengthen your life start a daily habit of walking, detox, eating a balanced diet, and incorporating life lengthening foods into your diet. Shockingly the simple method of going outside and walking is an important key to good health. That old walk in the fresh air and sunshine can add to your lifespan. Other methods to increase the life span include an exercise system such as tai chi, yoga, and jogging. Baseball is also an excellent sport for your overall health it increases your awareness, your cardio vascular system and is deeply satisfying.

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