We have all heard people say, “She must have been born with it, she’s a
natural beauty.” It is a look many people desire, but few of us were born
with. We are lucky enough to be able to accomplish the look with a few
simple steps. Natural beauty is not just skin-deep.

Let’s look at what is considered by most to be natural beauty. In today’s
world, many women are thought of as natural beauties. They are young
looking, physically fit and active in life. Fortunately, for those of us who
are not born beauties these are goals we can accomplish with a
little bit of time, knowledge and effort.

Looking young and healthful is a key to natural beauty. During your normal
everyday activities incorporate little things to enhance your natural
lifestyle and your beauty will come through.

Stay looking healthy and young by living a natural lifestyle. This consists
of plenty of clean pure water, exercise on a regular basis and eating
healthy whole foods. While this may sound like a very simple process, it is
not as easy as it may sound. We are bombarded with toxins daily.

Consider doing a detox diet on regular basis. Every six months to a year is
recommended. Detoxing your body will help your body eliminate harmful
toxins. It will also help your body work better as a whole.

Use all natural beauty products. Read those labels. Avoid products made with
unknown chemicals and synthetic materials. Switch your products to natural
or organic products. There are now lines of cosmetics, soaps and cleaning
products that are considered green. They are as good as or even better than
older chemical ridden versions.

Keep in mind what you eat shows in your outward appearance. Ensure you get
all your vitamins and minerals. Lacking of any one can manifest in outward
signs of deficiencies. Taking multivitamins are good. However, it is a
better idea to get as many nutrients as you can from completely unprocessed

Get out and move. Exercise on a daily basis will give you that youthful
healthy blush that people relate to natural beauty. You will improve your
blood and lymph circulation. Your lung capacity will improve and your blood
pressure should drop. These all contributes to a more healthy appearance.

Natural beauty is about looking good from the inside out. It is an attitude,
a way of life. Consider the way you carry yourself, the way you look, the
outward projection of your natural self. Be a billboard for natural beauty.


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