Slimming: a verb meaning to become or make slim. And let’s face it, we all need products (whether you’re a man or woman) that help us accomplish that.

So in this article, I am not going to tell you:

• How To Lose Weight

• To try a new, trendy diet like the Atkins diet or Dukan Diet

• You should try the Cabbage Soup Diet (PROMISE)

I want to offer you tips on slimming naturally and healthy, while including a couple of small shortcuts (See Slimming Tip #2)

Thankfully, for us, there are a plethora of choices (lifestyle and material) that we can make in order to help us accomplish this: Slimming

Below you will find my 5 Slimming Tips that will help you accomplish this goal. So get ready and let’s get Slimming!


• Slimming Tip #1- Eat foods that are healthier:

o Well of course, that goes without saying but I am not talking about just eating a head of lettuce 3 times a day. Start small and build from there. For example: Next time you are at a fast food restaurant, either forgo the fries or the soft drink (opt for water). That saves you 300 to 400 calories.

o Eat nuts or foods with high protein as snacks in between meals. Nuts and foods with high protein (non-fat, plain Greek yogurt) tend to leave you feeling fuller than high caloric meals. This means you will eat less.

• Slimming Tip #2 – Shop At Online Retailers That Offer Products That Make You Slim:

o This one is just for the ladies (but I guess it can include men as well). I suggest you start with purchasing a pair of Spanx. This company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia (by Sara Blakley) and manufactures pantyhose and other undergarments that specialize in “body shaping” (aka slimming). Prices range from $35 to above, but they do have a collection for under $35 as well.

o Other retailers (see below for links) also offer clothes that result in slimming. The choices are extraordinary!

• Slimming Tip #3 – Exercise, Exercise, Exercise:

o Now this may intimidate some of you. So let me be clear: I am not talking about exercising 7 days a week for one to two hours, each day. If you do not exercise regularly, then start small. 20 minutes of walking on a treadmill. Don’t have a treadmill? Then walk outside for 20 minutes. Too cold or hot? Then walk up and down your stairs for 20 minutes. Don’t have stairs? Then see Slimming Tip #2.

Point is, start small and incorporate some exercise into your daily routine. Your body and mind will thank you.

• Slimming Tip #4 – Eliminate Stress

o Scientific fact: The more stressed you are; the more you eat (and it is usually unhealthy). So look at things that cause you stress and see what you can eliminate. E-mails, Facebook, money, friends, school, work? Look these things over and take stock. For example: have an e-mail inbox that you can never stay on top of? Try only responding to e-mail a couple times a day (Say noon and 4PM). You’ll be surprised how much gets resolved if you let other people figure things out.

• Slimming Tip #5 – Stay Away From The Slimming Supplements

o Per Juliette Kellow BSc RD, there isn’t really any scientific proof that certain supplements will help you shed pounds, and firm up that body. Often you will find that a lot of these so called “slimming” pills offer a placebo effect that corresponds with the new diet, workout, and lifestyle you are now following. Not only can you get the same results through diet and exercise, but you can use that money that you were going to spend on supplements and buy yourself a nice pair of Spanx!

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