There are many reasons why someone like yourself would want to get beauty samples of some of your favorite products or new products. For instance you may want to try a new product that your favorite company came out with or you are looking to change the company or product you are currently using and are not sure what you want to use.

You will find that many companies are more than willing to offer free beauty samples to potential customers.

Being able to get as many free beauty samples as you would like, will help you can decide if certain products are right for you.

Beauty supplies do not only mean make up but you can get samples for different types of lotions, anti-aging creams, creams to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks or cellulite or lip enhancers. You can get your free beauty samples from many places such as online, through magazine ads or TV commercials.

However, the most popular place to get them in on the Internet. You can go to the company’s website if you want product from a specific company or you can find samples at various freebie websites where you can get products from more than one company.

When you go to order your free beauty samples you should also look around at company websites for specials on your favorite products. If you decide to use a freebie site you will end up saving more time and most likely a little money as well.

Many sites have been known to charge for shipping and handling or postage, this is usually a small fee but means the samples are not exactly free either. However, there are some sites out there that will send you free beauty samples without even asking for a small shipping charge.

You should keep in mind that if you are ordering samples from the Internet you will have to give out your personal information. Make sure to read over the sites privacy policy before you give them your name, address, phone number or email address.

Unless it is required, you may not even want to give out your email address (or give out an email that is not your primary email), the site may send out a lot of spam mail that you would not want in your inbox. However, you will have to give your mailing address, a valid phone number and of course your name so they can send you the samples you requested.

If you find that one of the free beauty samples you are using is causing allergic reactions it would be best to discontinue use of the product. Additionally, you need to keep in mind that most samples come in much smaller sizes that the full size actual product. Therefore you will only have a few days worth at best.

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